3/02/2012 recommended reading for writers: McSweeney’s, About.com, the art of the link

To do good writing, read good writing. Here’s the good writing I’ve been reading this week:

It’s been too long since I shared a Friday reading list. Blame it on an over-abundance of work, laziness or being out of town. Regardless, I’m back. And here’s my recommendations for good reads from this week:

The Official Kickstarter Page for Greece! (McSweeney’s) – Humor writing is tough. All the more reason to be in awe of McSweeney’s, which publishes some of the funniest stuff online. I especially liked this story because I just finished this SecondAct.com post on Kickstarter, which encourages creators to give premiums to backers in exchange for their support. That’s good to know if you read the M. piece. Another McSweeney’s humor essay I highly recommend: In Which I Fix My Girlfriend’s Grandparents WiFi and Am Hailed as a Conquering Hero, written in the style of an Old English heroic epic poem.

The New York Times’ About.com: From All-Star to Albatross (PaidContent) – About.com used to be a reliable, fairly lucrative gig for freelancers who specialized and could make it through the site’s rigorous vetting process. With the site taking a huge hit after Google downgraded About pages in its search results, looks like that could change. “Going forward, it’s hard to see About reacquiring its former cachet anytime soon,” Jeff Roberts writes.


Industry news worth reading:

Why Journalists Need to Link (Wired) – Reuters columnist Felix Salmon weighs in on when reporters should link, and when they need to (such as when they’re following another reporter’s big scoop). Salmon’s essay follows a Nieman Journalism Lab post on the same issue by Jonathan Stray.

Technology Journalism: The Jobs are There; The Journalists Are Not (PBS MediaShift) – Reporter, get thee to computer class. The vacancies for tech-savvy journalists far exceeds the number of hackers who could fill them, writes Clyde Bentley, an associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism and a 2010 fellow to the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute. “The world is in desperate need of journalists who can translate what technologists say into a language we lesser beings can understand,” he says.

Yahoo’s Jai Singh: Creating a Voice at the World’s Biggest News Site (Beet.TV) – The former HuffPost managing editor and founding editor of CNET explains what’s in the works at Yahoo Media Networks.

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