Recommended reading for writers for July 8

GooglePlus logoThis week was chock full o’ big media stories. And none was bigger than the News of the World shutting down this Sunday in the wake of allegations of broader phone tampering by journalists and others working for the British tabloid. This week also saw the launch of Google+, the search engine giant’s social network, and the rebirth of long-form journalism (though one could argue it wasn’t ever really dead).

Here are links to the week’s top media industry stories:

The end of the World as we know it (The Economist) – The News of the World scandal is as juicy as anything the infamous tabloid ever reported on: spying, hacking and other skulduggery, outraged politicians, policemen on the take and even a dragon lady editor. They couldn’t make this stuff up.

Move to close newspaper greeted with suspicion (New York Times)

10 ways journalists can use Google+ ( – Yet another social network to try to figure out how to use for work.

Long Story, Shortlist, First Edition (New York Times) – The new feature is a compilation of the best “long form” stories appearing in the paper during the past week. Find it on Twitter at #LongReads. Other places to find longer non-fiction online:

Knight Foundation sponsors DEMO conference, scholarships available (Knight Digital Media Center) – The foundation is giving 20 scholarships of $1,000 to journalists to attend the annual tech innovation confab, which takes place Sept. 12-14. Application deadline is July 15.

The new midlist: Self-published E-book Authors Who Earn a Living (Publishing Perspectives) – Great stuff for anyone who’s curious how much not-so-famous authors can make selling ebooks.

The value of toxic feedback (Urban Muse Writer) – As author Joni B. Cole explains in this guest post, it’s possible to learn from even the harshest criticism.

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Should writers use Google+?

Some initial impressions of how the new Google social network works, and how writers could use it.

The Freelancer’s Ultimate Introduction to Google+ Hangouts

Google+ provides some interesting tools for freelancers, including Google+ Brand Pages. Another aspect of Google+ that freelancers should consider is…

long-form journalism

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