The Hazards of Writing with a Conversational Style

Don’t get me wrong. I happen to think the conversational writing style is the greatest thing to hit business writing since the word processor. (Well, almost…)

But, there are some definite hazards associated with using a conversational style.

For one thing, there are some readers online who don’t understand what using a conversational style means. What you see as making your writing more accessible they see as making mistakes or as being sloppy. (That’s right–I said M.I.S.T.A.K.E.S.)

Secondly, there are some conversational practices that just should not make their way into your writing. Here are some of those:

I’ve seen many writers fall prey to these hazards. One trick to keep your writing accessible is to remember to use the conversational style that most of your target audience would be comfortable with. This may, or may not, match your own natural conversational style.

Do you use a conversational style in your writing?

Tue, 31 May 2011 19:13:39 GMT
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